City of Laurel Code Enforcement

Posted on: June 13, 2019


The City of Laurel’s Inspection and Code Enforcement Department helps residents identify and correct City code violations which detract from the appearance of their homes, neighborhood and community. A clean, well-kept city increases property values and enhances community pride. Adherence to City ordinances ensures the public health, safety and welfare of all Laurel residents.
Code enforcement officers are responsible for enforcing certain health and safety regulations along with ordinances governing the construction, use and maintenance of private property and inoperative vehicles. Neighboring properties have a major impact on the value and enjoyment of all properties which means property maintenance and safety is a shared concern for everyone in the neighborhood.
The City utilizes a fleet of white vehicles marked “City of Laurel Code Enforcement” to help clearly communicate its mission to eliminate unsightly, unhealthy and undesirable conditions (blight) in the City and maintain Laurel’s status as “The City Beautiful.” Code enforcement officers work proactively to enforce City codes as well as respond to citizen’s complaints, observations by staff, and referrals from other City departments and officials.
Code enforcement, by law, is not a speedy process. Violators must be given due process and the overall decision must be fair. Ample time is given for violators to correct the problem. While voluntary compliance is the desired goal, violators who choose not to comply with the ordinance are subject to municipal citations and environmental court.
A complete listing of City ordinances can be found on the City of Laurel’s website at If you have any questions regarding code enforcement, please call the Inspection Department at 601-428-6438. Our employees are here to answer your questions as we work together to keep your neighborhood safe and blight-free and to secure your property value.