Building Permits

The permitting process for commercial and new residential development projects is generally more complex than the process for residential home improvement projects.  Prior to beginning the permitting process, you may wish to review the following.  Below you will find information concerning the permitting process for residential and commercial structures.  If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact the Inspection Department by email, phone (601) 428-6438 or visit City Hall to speak to one of our representatives. The City of Laurel operates under the 2012 International Building Code.



1. Prior to the beginning of a project, the responsible party, contractor and/or owner must contact the Inspection Department at 601.428.6438 to apply for a permit.

2. At the time of application, a permit fee will be computed. When the permit fee is paid, the permit will be issued. This must occur before work is commenced and/or any inspections are made. (Note: Application and Issuance are two separate actions. The permit is not issued until all fees are paid.)

    Fees for Building, Gas and Plumbing ($1 State Fee added)

    $1-$500 26 No additional
    $501-$2,000 26 3 per hundred/thousand over 500
    $2,001-$40,000 70 11 per thousand over 2,001
    $40,001-$100,000 488 9 per thousand over 40,001
    $100,001-$500,000 1028 7 per thousand over 100,001
    $500,001-$1,000,000 3828 5 per thousand over 500,001
    $1,000,001-$5,000,000 6328 3 per thousand over 1,000,001
    $5,000,001 + 18328 1 per thousand over 5,000,001

    Fees for Electrical & HVAC ($1 State Fee added)

    $1-$500 36 No additional
    $501-$2,000 36 3 per hundred/thousand over 500
    $2,001-$40,000 80 11 per thousand over 2,001
    $40,001-$100,000 498 9 per thousand over 40,001
    $100,001-$500,000 1038 7 per thousand over 100,001
    $500,001-$1,000,000 3838 5 per thousand over 500,001
    $1,000,001-$5,000,000 6338 3 per thousand over 1,000,001
    $5,000,001 + 18338 1 per thousand over 5,000,001

3. Once fee is paid, it will be compulsory that a designated party call for all required inspections. A list of the required inspections will be given to the responsible party at the time of permit issuance. You must designate those person(s) who are authorized to request inspections.

4. Failure to obtain required inspections will result in corrective action(s), which may include, but is not limited to, removal of materials to allow for inspection, denial of certificates of completion and/or occupancy or imposing of applicable fines.

5. Contractors with outstanding bills will not be allowed to obtain permits or inspections until such bills have been paid in full.


  • Building Project Application
  • Application for Electrical/Gas/HVAC/Plumbing/Row for New Construction
  • Application for Electrical Vacant & Gas Pressure Test
  • Land Clearing Permit Application
  • Moving Permit Application
    It is the reponsibility of the applicant and/or contractor to have all utilities removed prior to moving of any building
  • Sign Permit Application
    The following applies to the Contractor’s responsibility:
    1. Must contact Mississippi One Call
    2. Must confirm City and/or State right of way
    3. Must ensure that any electrical work is performed by a licensed electrician and inspected by the City for compliance
    4. Must obtain a permit for any redesign or reconfiguration of an existing sign
    5. Must obstain a site inspection before sign is permanently placed.
    6. Must comply with any other regulation required by the City.
    7. Must confirm if project is in Commercial Business District (C-4)
    8. Must confirm if project is in Historic District. If so, you must obtain approval from the Historic Preservation Commission PRIOR to sign placement

    *NOTE: NO sign permit will be issued until a current privilege license has been issued.*

  • Permit for Demolition
  • Certificate of Appropriateness Application
    1. Pre-Application Conference: To ensure that an application for review and approval of a proposed project is documented adequately for timely consideration, the applicant is advised to consult with the Planning and Zoning Coordinator and/or the Commission Chairperson prior to completing the application. The Coordinator will assist the applicant in assembling the required documentation, and will make available information from the Historic District/Landmarks Inventory and from City maps and records to aid in preparation of the application. During this review, the applicant can be advised of any policies, guidelines and/or criteria which may apply in the consideration of the application.
    2. Application: The applicant shall submit the application to the Planning and Zoning Coordinator. The application shall not be considered complete until the $15 filing fee has been paid and until all required documentation has been submitted (See Item 3).
    3. Documentation: Applications shall be accompanied by the documentation specified in the relevant section or sections of the application. However, the Coordinator may waive any item of documentation that is deemed unnecessary or may require additional items that have been deemed necessary to enable the Commission to reach an informed decision. Specific types of documentation include but are not limited to:
      • Architectural Drawings: Plans and exterior elevations drawn to scale which adequately show the design intent and architectural character of the proposal. Materials, textures, colors and other items which characterize the appearance of the proposed building, alteration or change shall be indicated. Such drawings should not exceed 11″ x 17″ in order to allow the reproduction of such drawing on a standard copier.
      • Site Plan: A site plan drawn to scale or to a scale adequate to show clearly the following: (a) Shape and dimensions of the site; (b) Location of existing and proposed structures and the proposed use of each; (c) Location and characteristics of existing and proposed landscaping and any substantial changes in the existing topography; (d) Location, design and materials to be used in construction of paved areas, driveway entrances and exits, walls, fences, railings, walks, terraces, signs, exterior lighting and similar features as necessary and the relationship of these to the site and any existing buildings as well as any impact on adjacent properties. The site plan should not exceed 11″ x 17″ in order to allow the reproduction of such drawing on a standard copier.
      • Other Documentation: Other documentation which supplements the above, such as photographs, detailed drawings of significant decorative elements and samples of exterior materials and colors, as applicable, may be required in order to provide additional information.
    4. Application Fee: As noted above an application fee in the amount of $15 shall accompany the application unless the application is such that it is exempt from full Commission review in which case the fee is $5. Non-profit organizations are exempt from fees. No action shall be taken on any application where a fee is required until said fee has been paid.