Airport Authority

The Laurel Airport Authority is an autonomous public body which owns, operates, maintains, expands, and otherwise has authority over the Laurel Airport and Airport Property in accordance with Sections 61-3-1 and following of the Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated. Airport property consists of 1350 acres of land on which is located an industrial park complex in addition to the airport proper, which houses forty-eight aircraft and operates one asphalt runway.

The Airport Authority Board is comprised of five members – all appointed by the City for five year terms. The Airport Authority Board works with Airport Manager Matt Owens in establishing policies and overseeing the control, operation and development of the Laurel Airport/Industrial Park.

Regular meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month.


Term Expires

Bob “Pic” Billingsley 09/25/22
Elvin Ulmer 09/25/25
Richard West 09/25/21
Mike Chancellor 09/25/24
Susan Vincent 09/25/23