Disabled and Handicapped Board

The Disabled and Handicapped Board exists for the purpose of advocating for the disabled and handicapped individuals in our community and to insure that they enjoy the same opportunities as the non-handicapped persons to participate in and to contribute to society The committee is required by ordinance to meet only when needed, but committee members may vote to have regular meetings.
The Disabled and Handicapped Board hears all grievances filed with the City of Laurel’s Safety Coordinator, who serves as the designee of the Human Resources Director. It is the duty of the committee to hear the grievances and recommend resolution to the Mayor and City Council. This board consists of 10 members – one from each of the 7 wards, one from the county, one from the medical community, and one from the business community. Members serve a four-year term.


Term Expires

Josh Nowell (Business)
William LaFitte (County)
Dr. Derrick Burgess (Medical)
Vickie Lockhart – Ward 1
Kim Weathersby – Ward 2
Vacant – Ward 3
Carrie Johnikin – Ward 4
James Carter – Ward 5
Ross Tew – Ward 6
Seth Husband – Ward 7