Clerk of the Council

The Clerk of Council specializes clerical work in assisting the City Council in performing the duties and activities within the legislative branch of City Government. The council clerk bears primary responsibility for management of the city council members’ office as well as the liaison between the council and city departments and other parties affected by council decisions.

To ensure adherence to legislative and legal processes and create and maintain accurate and required records to facilitate more effective government and provide consistent quality responsiveness to citizens.

Council Clerk responsibilities include:
• assisting the public, staff and county agencies on the status of legislation;
• preparing Council meeting agendas and proceedings;
• recording all meetings of the Council and Committee-of-the-Whole;
• advising the Council on rules and parliamentary procedures;
• handling the advertisement of legislation as required by law for the Council
• reviewing all legislation, initiatives and referendums for proper form;
• assisting Executive and Council staff in drafting of legislation;
• maintaining a computer database of all legislation that is filed with the Council;
• preparing historical records on all adopted legislation by maintaining permanent files, logs and index catalogs;
• tracking and documenting all legislation that is lapsed or reintroduced;
• ensuring all original files are complete and archived

Sharon King

<p><b>Council Clerk Office</b><br />
3rd Floor City Hall<br />
401 N. 5th Ave.<br />
Laurel, MS 39440</p>
<p>Phone (601) 428-6444<br />
Fax (601) 428-6417<br />
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