Equipment Operator I

Recreation Maintenance Division of Parks and Recreation, City of Laurel, Mississippi | $11.26 hourly / $23,414.56 annually + attractive benefits package | Open From: Apr 30, 2021 - Until Filled

Job Description

Purpose of Position

Maintain departmental athletic fields, facilities and grounds, and repair and construct departmental facilities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Maintain City grounds, recreational areas and ballfields
Ensure mowing equipment is in operating order
Examine grounds and ballfields for foreign objects before mowing
Mow and weed-eat grounds
Collect debris and trash from City properties
Examine mowing equipment after mowing and remove excess material
Service mowing equipment for storage
Maintain City swimming pool and tennis courts
Repair plumbing fixtures, as needed
Paint facilities, as needed

Construct and maintain ballfields as needed

Assist with designing ballfield
Cut infield lines appropriately
Weld foul polls, when needed
Install fences to proper specifications
Mow grass and remove dirt from ballfield
Repair bleachers, bathrooms and offices, as needed
Repair dug-out roofs, as needed
Maintain departmental vehicles and mowing equipment
Check oil, gas, water and brake fluid in vehicles each day
Wash all vehicles on daily basis
Transfer flat tires to city barn for repair
Request new equipment be ordered
Perform other duties as directed


Job Context

The Equipment Operator I is a full-time, permanent position in the Recreation Maintenance Division. The immediate
supervisor for this position is the Laborer Supervisor II. The person in this position is supervised on a daily basis and
has no supervisory authority. The Equipment Operator I works regular hours most of the time with occasional overtime
when the workload demands it. There is no night or shift work involved with this position. The person in this position
is not on call. The position has accountability for monetary, fiscal, safety, and legal issues related to the work for which
this position is responsible.

There is exposure to chemicals and/or hazardous materials on a daily basis. This exposure includes, but is not
limited to, fertilizers, lime, cleaning chemicals, insecticides, and automotive fluids. The stress level associated with
this position is average. Physical work associated with this position includes, but is not limited to, operating
departmental mowers and field grooming equipment, sitting for long periods of time, climbing up and down ladders,
standing, bending and kneeling

Certification, Education and Experience

Certification: A valid Mississippi driver’s license is required for this position.
Education: A high school diploma or its equivalent is required for this position.
Experience: No experience is required for this position.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


Proper layouts of different ballfields
Proper cleaning and sanitizing of restroom facilities
Proper use of mowers, weed eaters, tractors, and other equipment
Power and hand tool safety
Correct use and storage of chemicals
Basic maintenance of departmental equipment
Heavy machinery safety
Locations of City properties
Proper grammar and proper use of English in speaking and writing
OSHA standards and regulations concerning employee safety
Federal and state statutes concerning the work of the department
Mathematical skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
General functions and operations of municipal government

Skills and Abilities:

Operate all departmental mowing equipment
Operate all departmental cleaning equipment
Complete basic construction projects
Communicate effectively with other city employees and the public
Prepare ballfields in pressure situations
Work in all weather conditions
Work as a team member with other employees
Work autonomously when necessary
Handle multiple tasks simultaneously with frequent interruptions
Deal with others in a professional manner
Maintain professional composure in heated situations
Follow departmental and City procedures

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to frequently lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects weighing up to 75 pounds
Ability to bend, stoop, and crouch frequently
Must be capable to extending the hands and arms in any direction; handling, seizing, holding, grasping, turning, or
otherwise working with the hands/fingers
Must be able to sit and stand for long periods of time.



Fine Print

Applicant must provide the following documents to Human Resources, 401 North 5th

Avenue (3rd Floor City Hall) Room 302:

➢ WIN Job Center referral
➢ Valid Mississippi Driver’s License
➢ Social Security Card
➢ High School Diploma or Equivalent require