Potential Address Changes for Ellisville/Pendorff Annexation

Effective January 16, 2021, new addresses, road designation names, and zip code for those addresses along US Highway 11 N Ellisville, MS, will be transitioned to their new numeric xxxx Ellisville Blvd, Laurel, MSĀ  39443 (Zip code assigned by the US Postal Service).

Unfortunately, the US Postal Service cannot tie addresses from different facilities to new zips where everything will automatically forward to the Laurel Post Office. Any mail that is addressed to the old Ellisville addresses that does not get re-directed through Change of Address forms (which are suggested) will be sent from the Ellisville Post Office to the Laurel Post Office. This will result in a one-day delay, but the mail will not be returned to sender. The US Postal Service will do so for 6 months to give customers time to get their address information changed with their mailers.

If you have questions, please call the Laurel Post Office at 601-425-1408 or the Ellisville Post Office at 601-477-8061