Recycling units available in the City of Laurel

LAUREL, MS – The City of Laurel would like to remind residents of the city ordinance on Solid Waste as it pertains to trash collection.  Recently, the Public Works Department has noticed numerous households with oversized garbage cans that exceed the city ordinance. Acceptable garbage containers are locally approved metal, heavy duty paper or durable plastic with a lid that is no larger than 40 gallons in capacity. All garbage must be contained in tied trash bags placed inside of the containers. When full, a garbage bag must not weigh more than 50 pounds. City workers will remove the bags from the containers but will not lift improperly sized cans due to possible injury. Setting trash out for pickup in kitchen bags, grocery store bags, paper bags, cartons, or boxes is not acceptable.  It is the responsibility of the property owner or occupant to maintain trash containers in a neat and orderly manner until collection is made.  Trash to be picked up cannot be behind a fence or other enclosure so that it is not accessible by pick-up crews. A household, dwelling unit or commercial business can have up to four (4), forty (40) gallon containers of garbage per pick up day.

Discarded tree branches, brush and shrubbery (excluding debris from new construction or major remodeling) can be placed in an orderly fashion at the curb site. Call 601-428-6455 to schedule pickup of special items such as: computer monitors, televisions, water heaters, bed-springs, refrigerators and air conditioners.

Recycling is now available to residents in Laurel. Cardboard, newspaper, and plastic bottles can be disposed of in designated recycling centers at North Laurel Shopping Center and on the corner of Ellisville Blvd and Carroll Gartin (Fred’s parking lot.)  The recycle containers are labeled for each type of recyclable.  Containers labeled plastic have circular holes large enough for gallon jugs: milk, detergent, orange juice, soda, and other types of plastics.  Containers labeled cardboard and paper have a slotted space large enough for all types of boxes and paper.  The City of Laurel has partnered with Enviro Inc. to encourage residents to recycle as a great way to protect our environment and stimulate our economy. Recycling saves resources, prevents pollution, supports public health, and creates jobs. It saves money, avoids landfills, and best of all, it’s easy.

Help keep Laurel “The City Beautiful.”