Recycling Bins Removed

Posted on: June 19, 2014

The City of Laurel received notice today from Enviro, Inc. that all recycle bins will be removed from the City of Laurel. Sumrall Recycling Company in Sumrall, Mississippi, had advised that rebates for recyclable materials are very low at this time and that they would no longer accept deliveries from Enviro, Inc.


Prior to the latest arrangement by which Enviro, Inc., picked up and delivered items for recycling to Sumrall Recycling Company, the City had made two other attempts to offer this service to citizens. Each time, the service provider discontinued the program citing lack of cost-effectiveness as the reason.


Because of the enthusiastic response of citizens to previous recycling efforts, the City will continue to search for other means to dispose of recyclable materials in an environmentally conscious way.


All receptacles for paper and plastic will be removed from the North Laurel Shopping Center and the parking lot behind Fred’s, and Laurel’s recycling program will be discontinued until further notice.


For further information, the public may contact the office of the CAO at 601-428-6411.