Celebrating Storytelling: Home Is Our Heritage

Posted on: July 17, 2017

In July, 2017, community leaders in Laurel produced a series of photo documentaries around the theme “Home Is Our Heritage”, to mark the Mississippi Bicentennial. The workshop, called Celebrating Storytellers, is a statewide project to commemorate the Mississippi Bicentennial this year through photo stories created by residents across the state. Once created, the photo stories are transformed into three-minute films highlighting the importance of cultural and economic revitalization.

In honor of his late wife Holly Wilson, a beloved artist from Laurel, Chris Wilson records the absence and fullness of her life in studio and home, remembering the beauty, resilience and artistry that she embroidered throughout their lives together in the video: The 8th of May.

“I hope people will notice her creations in the kitchens and living rooms of so many homes and numerous offices in our community. No matter where one goes in Laurel, Holly Wilson’s works of art can be found,” says Chris.

“The gift of creation is important to Laurel. I hope locals and visitors will visit the amazing collections of Lauren Rogers Museum Of Art, and seek out the works of local artists who live and work among us.”

The Chair / 1964
The Legacy of Lauren Rogers
The Gift
The Woodcut Funhouse
Brick By Brick

Special thanks to: Chisholm Foundation and local organizers, Mayor Johnny Magee, and community participants.

A project of Blue Magnolia Films/Corner to Corner Productions in partnership with Barefoot Workshops.