City Partners with Schneider Energy

Posted on: October 11, 2016

The City of Laurel is launching a partnership with Schneider Electric to begin the design and development of an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) that will allow the City much needed infrastructure improvements designed to save money and improve community spaces. The project is an opportunity to reduce utility costs anywhere between an estimated 22%-28% that could generate an estimated $2-$6 million in guaranteed savings over the next 20 years. These potential savings would be used to fully find or offset the cost of doing comprehensive facility improvements such as interior and exterior lighting improvements, building automation system, mechanical renovations and technology upgrades.
Not only will Schneider Electric’s savings program enhance the comfort of public space and improve the City;s operations through a variety of infastructure upgrades, but it will also enable the City of Laurel to tackle the 5-year capital plan and use creative funding methods to get there. Along with state-of-the-art improvements to city buildings, this project will also have both a sizable environmental and economic impact on the community.

Over the next several months, the City will be looking into the viability of several improvements to each of the community buildings. Improvements may include: interior & exterior lighting and controls through the use of LED technology, building automation of HVAC, retro-commissioning and weatherization. In addition, upgrades to technology such as a conversion to voice over internet protocol, install private fiber network and reduced internet costs.

The partnership with Schneider Electric and the City of Laurel will benefit all residents and businesses through the engineering and implementation of this comprehensive energy efficiency project and capital reinvestment program. For more information on Schnedier Electric, you can visit their website: