Code of Ordinances

This Code of Ordinances and/or any other documents that appear on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Municipality.
Master List of Laurel Ordinances as of December 2022, click here.
Online content updated on December 20, 2022.

Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Administration
Chapter 3 Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 4 Amusements
Chapter 5 Animal Control
Chapter 6 Aviation
Chapter 7 Buildings and Building Regulations
Chapter 7.1 Disabled & Handicapped
Chapter 8 Elections
Chapter 8.1 Emergency Management
Chapter 8.1A Hazardous Incident Response Team
Chapter 8.2 Facility Rental Property
Chapter 8.3 Cemeteries
Chapter 9 Fire Prevention and Protection
Chapter 9.1 Flood Damage Prevention
Chapter 9.2 Regulation of Stormwater Detention
Chapter 10 Food and Food Establishments
Chapter 10.1 Historic Preservation
Chapter 11 Housing and Property Maintenance
Chapter 12 Licenses and Business Regulations
Chapter 13 Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 14 Municipal Court
Chapter 14.1 Noise Ordinances
Chapter 14.1a Environmental Court
Chapter 14.2 Alarm Ordinances
Chapter 15 Offenses
Chapter 15.1 Tobacco Restriction
Chapter 15.2 Eliminating Smoking in Public Places and Places of Employment
Chapter 16 Oil and Gas
Chapter 17 Recreation
Chapter 18 Personnel
Chapter 19 Planning Development
Chapter 19.1 Plumbing
Chapter 20 Sewers
Chapter 20.1 Wastewater Hauling
Chapter 21 Railroads
Chapter 22 Solid Waste
Chapter 23 Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 24 Trees
Chapter 25 Water
Chapter 26 Cross Connection Control Program
Chapter 27 Fireworks
APPENDIX II Subdivisons
APPENDIX III Personnel Rules and Regulations
APPENDIX A Local Government; Provisions Common to Counties and Municipalities
APPENDIX B Definitions and Words

Master List of Ordinances