The City of Laurel, Choctaw Days

Choctaw Days

Lauren Rogers Museum of Art

Fourth graders from across south Mississippi will visit the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art (LRMA) to participate in Choctaw Days: Fourth Grade Tours Program. This annual event teaches participants about Choctaw culture and enriches their arts-education experience. During Choctaw Days, students and teachers will view the Museum’s renowned By Native Hands Native American Basket Collection and learn about its history from members of the LRMA Guild of Docents and Volunteers, as well as the education staff. After touring the basket galleries, students will observe Choctaw weavers, make their own bead necklaces, participate in a traditional Choctaw dance, watch stick ball techniques, and sample fry bread, which is prepared by local Choctaw ladies.

In addition to the real-world experiences students engage in at Choctaw Days, they also have the opportunity to participate in pre- and post-trip lessons in their own classrooms. The teacher of every class attending Choctaw Days received an education guide with connections to fourth grade Common Core standards in writing, speaking and listening, reading and math. This guide is available on the Museum’s website at