The City of Laurel, NFL Pass, Punt & Kick

NFL Pass, Punt & Kick

RH Watkins Track 10:00 AM

Be part of the NFL’s Commitment to play 60 minutes a day! Sign-up to participate in a NFL Punt, Pass & Kick local competition in Laurel, MS on Saturday, September 13 at 10:00 AM. NFL PP&K continues to reach children ages 6-15 and allows them to experience the fun of learning football fundamentals in an engaging and supportive non-contact environment. To sign-up, download the Entry Form and Release of Liability: PPKEntryForm2014


  1. The competition is open to all boys and girls ages 6 -15. Boys and girls compete separately. The five age classifications are based upon the child’s age as of December 31st of the current year.
  2. There is no charge to participate in the NFL PUNT, PASS & KICK program.
  3. All participants must show proof of age at all levels of competition. Failure to provide a birth certificate or religious document (such as a baptismal record) will result in that participant being ineligible to compete.
  4. Participants may register and compete in only one Local Competition. Competing in more than one Local Competition will result in the automatic disqualification of that participant.
  5. All participants must register online or submit the signed parental Entry Form/Release of Liability PPKEntryForm2014 form to the on-site organizational group. The Entry Form may be copied onto an organization’s letterhead.
  6. Participants must be present at the scheduled starting time in order to compete. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility.


  1. Each participant is allowed one punt, one pass and one placekick as part of his or her competition.
  2. Scores are based on both distance and accuracy. For example, if a participant passes the ball 100 feet, but the ball lands 30 feet to the right of the measuring tape, the final score is calculated by deducting 30 from 100, for a final score of 70. Scores are based on exact feet and inches (partial inches are rounded to nearest inch). Participants cannot receive a negative score, but they can receive a score of zero.
  3. A participant’s final score is his or her cumulative total for the three individual events. For example, if the participant scores 40 for punting, 60 for passing and 22 for kicking, the participant’s final score would be 122.
  4. If a participant goes over the line prior to or before releasing or making contact with the ball, he or she is penalized five feet. The only exception is in kicking, where a participant may go over the line without penalty, provided the tee is placed on or behind the line.
  5. There is no violation if the kicking tee is kicked with the football during the kicking event.
  6. Scores are determined from where a participant’s punt/pass/kick first makes contact with the ground. Bounces or rolls do not add to the score.
  7. If a participant tries to punt, pass or kick and misses the ball completely, it does not count as an attempt, and another attempt is allowed.


  1. No football shoes, turf shoes, cleats or bare feet are allowed. Only soft-sole gym shoes are permitted. Failure to wear gym shoes results in the disqualification of the participant.
  2. All equipment, other than shoes, needed for the competition, are provided by the school or hosting agency. Participants may not utilize their own equipment (such as tees or footballs).
  3. Participants who are 6-7 use a WILSON PEEWEE football. 8-9 and 10-11 participants use a WILSON JUNIOR football. Participants who are 12-15 use a WILSON INTERMEDIATE football.


  1. All participants must begin competition at the school level or officially sanctioned local community competition.
  2. The top finisher in each of the boys’ and girls’ divisions from the five age brackets of each Local Competition will advance to the Sectional Round. The top finisher is the participant who has the highest final score for that round. Contestants who qualify for the Sectionals must compete at the location to which they are assigned. Each school or Local is notified of the location of the Sectional prior to the competition.
  3. At the Sectionals, each competitor will begin anew with a score of zero. Only the top four first-place finishers in each age bracket from the boys’ and girls’ divisions from the pool of Sectional Competition champions will advance to the Team Championship. At all levels of competition, only first-place winners will be considered for advancement to the next level.
  4. At the Team Championships, each of the 40 competitors begins a new with a score of zero. The top finisher within each age bracket at this level is declared that NFL team’s NFL PUNT, PASS & KICK Team Champion. The top finisher is the participant who has achieved the highest final score for that round.
  5. Only the four first-place Team Champions from each of the boys’ and girls’ divisions of all NFL Team Champions are eligible for advancement to the National Finals. Their scores must be in the top four nationally in their respective age groups to qualify.
  6. National Finalists are notified at the conclusion of all Team Championships at the end of December.
  7. At the National Finals, each competitor begins anew with a score of zero. The top finisher within each age bracket at this level is named the NFL PUNT, PASS & KICK National Champion. The top finisher is the participant who has achieved the highest final score.


  1. If a tie exists for first, second or third place at either the Local or Sectional round, each participant involved in the tie competes in a playoff to determine the final standings. The playoff consists of the participants competing head-to-head in a repeat of all three events. The playoff winner at a Local Competition advances to the next round. The playoff winner at a Sectional Round is eligible to advance to the Team Championships.
  2. If a tie exists for first, second or third place at the Team Championships, the winner is determined by the contestant’s score in his or her most recent competition. For example, if a tie exists at the Team Championship, the participant’s Sectional Round score is referenced to determine the winner.


  1. Competitions are held rain or shine. In threatening or dangerous weather conditions, the local NFL Punt, Pass & Kick host (local host) must cancel and reschedule the event. The decision to cancel the event is made by the Local Host on site.
  2. If an event is canceled, call your local host to determine when your event will be rescheduled.
  3. The National Football League, NFL Properties Inc., its agents and subordinate chairperson/organizers of NFL PUNT, PASS & KICK, reserve the right to rule and make any recommendations regarding the NFL PUNT, PASS & KICK competition that they feel are beneficial to the continuance of the program. All decisions are final.
  4. Participation constitutes permission to use competitor’s name and likeness for promotional purposes without compensation.
  5. All participants’ parents must sign the Entry/Release of Liability before participating in any NFL PUNT, PASS & KICK competition.


To sign-up, download the Entry Form and Release of Liability: PPKEntryForm2014