From the desk of Sandra Hadley – Superintendent of Inspection

Posted on: March 8, 2021

The City of Laurel would like to bring awareness to business/property owners and tenants with general guidelines and information on proper maintenance of residential and commercial properties, as well as commercial and residential zoning issues, in accordance with the City of Laurel’s Municipal Codes and Ordinances.

Citizens play an important part in keeping our community attractive, clean and safe. This article is intended to educate and raise awareness on the importance of maintaining properties in order to protect property/community values, livability and the quality of a neighborhood. Through education, awareness and self-enforcement, we can all contribute to making Laurel the best city in which to live, work and raise a family.

It starts with a broken window, or perhaps an untamed lawn, a pile of used tires or an old junk vehicle. This is a problem the city of Laurel struggles to tackle, but it is a work in progress, said Superintendent Sandra Hadley, who now leads the Inspection Department.

“Our citizen is not the person who is complaining, nor is it the person we cite. “Our true citizen is the City of Laurel’s Codes & Ordinances. That’s what we serve. The City will enforce its ordinance based on the violation, not the violator. Whatever is written in that Ordinance Code, legislated, voted on by the City Council, is what we enforce- without passion or prejudice. The focus of our code enforcement is on the nuisance activity or structure, without regard to the source of the complaint or the nature or character of the violator.”

The City of Laurel seeks compliance first and foremost and is giving the tenants and/or home/business owners two months to help remedy this ongoing problem. Starting May 3rd courtesy letters/notifications will begin going in the mail and junk and improper parking vehicles will begin to get tagged.