Posted on: August 30, 2012

The Laurel City Council unanimously passed a resolution of intent to issue general obligation bonds for the purpose of providing $3 Million to fund improvements to city streets.  It is proposed that $2 Million would be utilized for a street overlay program and $1 Million would be utilized as matching funds for a $4 Million MDOT funded project. 
To develop a plan for the $2 Million street overlay program, the city administration requested that an independent assessment of the major streets be performed.  The basis of the assessment included asphalt surface condition, frequency of utility repair patches, condition of sub surface utilities and sub-grade materials, and roadway alignment and structural safety concerns.  Those streets given highest priority are thoroughfares which are frequently used for inner city travel.  The streets having the highest priority include segments of 1st Avenue, 7th Avenue, 13th Avenue, 10th Street, Grandview Drive, Old Bay Springs Road, Palmer Avenue and University Avenue.  The plan includes levying portions of the $2 Million as matching dollars for available grants and programs.  This preliminary list may be modified to meet the budget as detailed information on funding options and construction costs become available.   Paving of all of these streets is totally dependent on the City being successful in obtaining grants.