Mayor Proclaims March as Intellectual Disabilities Awareness Month

Posted on: March 7, 2016

The ARC Pine Belt Region Officers and Board of Directors met with Mayor Johnny Magee as he signed a proclamation declaring March as Intellectual Disabilities Awareness Month in the City of Laurel. The Arc was chartered in 1962 and has been a fixture in the community ever since as a non-profit, family and service oriented organization. The goal of The Arc is to assist individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be as independent as possible.

Year round, The Arc works to promote and protect the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, learn, work and play as valued and contributing members of their communities. They advocate for legislation to remove barriers to full participation and inclusion and have been successful on many fronts. But sometimes the barrier has nothing to do with the width of a doorway or an employer’s hiring practices. Sometimes the barrier is as subtle as a nervous glance from an uninformed person in line at the market. The first step to addressing those challenges is raising awareness. So, this month is dedicated to breaking down social barriers. Help be an advocate and personally help raise awareness just by being yourself and participating in the things you enjoy alongside others in your community with disabilities.

Visit The Arc’s website at and find out more about Intellectual Disabilities Awareness Month and things you can do join in. Spread the word using the hashtag #IDAware on social media during the month of March.