Posted on: November 4, 2013

LAUREL, MS – The City of Laurel is proud of their trees and is sad to see one go. The oak tree in front of the Cameron Center in Daphne Park was recently taken down. The historic red oak tree stood 50 feet tall and was near the train engine that welcomes visitors to the Cameron Center.
The tree started to show signs of stress from decay. Carpenter ants had nested in the oak tree which is an indication of rotting wood. Unfortunately, the rot from the nests weakened the tree enough that it had become a hazard. Several limbs had fallen near and around the picnic table below the oak.

Jim Rasberry, Laurel Tree Board member said, “It is a sad day. We tried and tried to save this tree, but regrettably it had to be taken down. As proud as we are that Laurel is a Tree City, we must place the safety of our residents above all else. This was a last resort”
City trees helps residents feel good about the place they live and work and that pride in public trees also leads to more engaged residents. The city could not risk having people or their property injured. The Parks and Recreation Department already have plans to plant new oak tree saplings in Daphne Park.