Properly Displayed Address

Posted on: November 28, 2018

It is paramount that all addresses be properly displayed on your residence and or places of business.  In an emergency situation, this will aid Emergency Units in finding the correct location when needed and time is of the utmost importance.

And during this Holiday Season, many Laurel Residents will be receiving purchases made online and packages from family members.   This further is reason to have your address properly displayed to insure timely delivery.


Source: Code 1969, § 20-2


Section 7-184. Address Display Required.
The owner or tenant of any dwelling, former dwelling, commercial
building, or other structure or activity, whether in use or not, shall display its
municipally – assigned unique address, indicating a number at or near tile point
where the location has access for ingress to and egress from any public street,
avenue, highway or alley. This address display and/or numbers shall contrast
with their background. Address numbers shall be Arabic numbers or alphabet
letters. Numbers shall be a minimum of four (4) inches (102 mm) high with a
minimum stroke width of 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) and to be readily visible from both
directions on the said public way. This address display shall now be required on
any dwelling, former dwelling, commercial building, or other structure or activity
that is now in non-compliance with the passing of this Ordinance and to all new
structures being permitted for construction in the city limits of Laurel,

Source: Ordinance No. 1109-1987, § I, 12-8-87; Ordinance No. 1473-2006,§ I, 9-5-06

Section 7-185. Curbside Address Permitted; Substitutes.

In a location where curbs are present the public way abutting a location
and vehicular parking for the public or occupants shall not obstruct a view of the
curb, the said unique address may be placed on the curb at a position thereon so as
to be separately identifiable with the location to which it is assigned. The number
shall be white upon a black background and measuring not less than thirty-six
(36) inches in length by eight (8) inches in width. Where the building or structure
is built up to the public way, and curb views and usually obstructed, then a similar
display shall be placed upon the building or structure so as to be readily visible
from the public way.
In lieu of such curbside or building address displays, a free-standing
address display observable from both directions, if feasible, of comparable size
and contrasting color scheme may be used.

Source: Ordinance No. 1109-1987, § II, 12-8-87

Section 7-186. Mailbox Address Display Permitted.

Where a free-standing mailbox is located on any premises separately
assigned an address and such is at or near the public way upon which said private
property abuts and is positioned so as to separately identify the building, structure
or activity to which the address is officially assigned, the address may be placed
on or about said mailbox so as to be visible from both directions.
Source: Ordinance No. 1109-1987, § III, 12-8-87

Section 7-187. Multi-Occupied Premises.

Where two (2) or more separate dwellings, commercial buildings or other
activities or structures occupy a single uniquely-addressed parcel of land or
building, then at or near the common entranceway to such from the public way
and upon or near the separate entrance to each such building or activity, a separate
number or letter shall be prominently displayed to identify such separate building
or activity.
Source: Ordinance No. 1109-1987, § IV, 12-8-87