A message from the City of Laurel’s Inspection Department:

Posted on: December 2, 2021

The Inspection Department is now implementing a review process for permits, zoning petitions and other applications. This procedure will allow the department to identify and address any potential issues and concerns regarding the application or project. Factors such as the nature of the proposed work, the project location (overlay district, flood zone, historic district, etc.), license credentials, property condition, (unsafe for occupancy, in state of dilapidation, etc.) will be among the list of things under review. This measure is being taken in order to avoid approving permits and applications in error, as well as allow a smoother workflow in the department. In addition, a 24-hour notice regarding inspections must be provided to the office by the contractor or permit holder. This measure will allow inspections to be scheduled and carried out efficiently. We are working diligently to better serve you as a citizen of The City Beautiful.