Victor Heidelberg retires from city after 17 years of service, honored by family and coworkers

Posted on: February 2, 2023

Victor Heidelberg officially retired from the City of Laurel’s Parks and Recreation Department at the end of January after serving the city’s residents for 17 years.

During a retirement party on Friday,  January 27th, his friends and coworkers gathered to share their congratulations to him on his long and successful career of service to others. Many stated that it had been an “honor and a pleasure” to work with him and thanked him for his mentorship. They also pointed out that his wisdom, spiritual guidance, and steady, calming demeanor will all be missed around the shop. While many expressed sadness about Heidelberg’s retirement, one person in attendance did not – his wife, Jennifer. “I’m glad he’s retiring and coming home,” she said. “I am blessed to have a good God-fearing man and blessed for the man that he is,” she explained and she is happy that he will be home to tackle the honey-do list. (Even though he told the crowd that he will spend his retirement fishing.)