Laurel restaurants required to have grease traps

September 23, 2017 | by: Anicia Hill, Public Relations Director

The Laurel City Council has passed a new ordinance requiring new restaurant owners to purchase grease traps. Mayor Johnny Magee said kitchen grease is clogging up the city’s sewer system and costing the city a lot of money to fix it. Grease traps – also known as grease interceptors – are located between restaurant drain…Read More

Unclaimed Property in Laurel

August 28, 2017 | by: Anicia Hill, Public Relations Director

The Unclaimed Property Division of the Office of the State Treasurer, Lynn Fitch, is currently trying to locate the rightful owners of unclaimed assets as dictated in the Unclaimed Property Act. The law requires that “holders” such as banks, credit unions, insurance companies, retail stores, utility companies, and business associations turn over to the Office…Read More

The Impact of Opioids Town Hall Meeting

August 17, 2017 | by: Anicia Hill, Public Relations Director

An Opioid Town Hall Rally is coming Tuesday, August 29th | 6:30 p.m. | Jones County Junior College Ronald E. Whitehead Advanced Technology Center 72 Technology Blvd. | Ellisville, MS 39437. During this event, you will hear from a panel with representatives from across the state and your local community. The goal is to learn…Read More

Celebrating Storytelling: Home Is Our Heritage

July 17, 2017 | by: Anicia Hill, Public Relations Director

In July, 2017, community leaders in Laurel produced a series of photo documentaries around the theme “Home Is Our Heritage”, to mark the Mississippi Bicentennial. The workshop, called Celebrating Storytellers, is a statewide project to commemorate the Mississippi Bicentennial this year through photo stories created by residents across the state. Once created, the photo stories…Read More